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Trouble Finds Summer
32 photos 60 minutes, 40 seconds of video
Added 11/16/2012
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

In this clip Summer gets a random cell search and ends up cuffed and taped to the bed post. She gets her panties that she is not allowed to be wearing cut off and stuffed in her mouth. Those also get taped in. After being left like that for a while she is taken upstairs where she gets cuffed faced down on a bench and has a penis gag put in. She also gets hit with a riding crop and tickled. Next she gets turned over on her back on the bench and gets teased some more. The guard wants to see how well she can walk in heels so he locks her elbows together with a metal shackle and puts short legirons on her ankles and has her walk around with heels on. Later she is put into an old harness and suspended inside of the holding cage. She gets clothes pins put on her breast and then a string hooked to her tied wrist. There is a handcuff key tied to her wrist and if she pulls the clothes pins off she can use the key to free her legs. She is able to do it and then the guard comes in and takes her to the Warden's office and ties her off to the ceiling to wait for the Warden.

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