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I thought I would take a break from the Jaicey House Arrest series with a three girl naked chain gang video that I made a few days ago.  It includes Lola Lynn, Nyxon, and Dixie Comet.  They get leg shackles, waistchains, and are connected to each other by neck cuffs.  I didn’t tell them how I was going to cuff them up before we started so I think they were a little surprised when I had handcuffs that fit on their necks.

Length: 12:19

Size: 200MB

Format: MP4

4 Responses to “Three Girl Naked Chain Gang”

  • Simon:

    To quote Lola -fan-fucking-tastic. You should run a longer series with them all chained together – the interaction between them is great. I’ve got a few more suggestions which I’ll post later.

  • Paul:

    Fantastic….need more of the multiple girl chain gang. Perhaps a series where they are brought in fronm court sentecing in street cloths and then are processed at different processing stations (stripped mug shoot searched showered shaved and then dress in prison cloths) but are repeatedly handcuffed legcuffed and neckcuffed as they moved from station to station.

  • Daniel:

    This is awesome three beautiful brunettes. This reminds me of the tour of the slave market of Pompeii.

  • Randy:

    Prisoners sentenced to the chain gang should not be permitted to wear shoes. Their feet should be bare. The waist and wrist shackles are appropriate for the prisoners serving multi years sentences at hard labor.

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