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Note: Rin Serenity stars in this clip, but she will start using a different name so you may notice a different name on the next update, but it is the same model.  In this clip she is brought into prison cuffed behind the back and wearing leg shackles.  She gets searched and is put into her jail cell with her skirt still pulled up and her breast exposed.  She manages to straighten her clothes out, but the guard returns and cuffs her to the cell bars and pulls her clothes back off.  The guard later catches her standing up in her cell and decides to cuff her so she can’t sit down and has to stand up.

Length: 9:04

Size: 113MB

Format: MP4

One Response to “Back At Prison part#1”

  • Simon:

    You should do more cuffing to the bars when you use the jail, particularly when the model is exposed. Much more interesting than scrubs.

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